GIAC releases B8 A4 2.0 TFSI software with full switching!


After many months of R&D and product testing, GIAC is proud to announce the release performance calibrations for the B8 2.0TSI platform (ME 17 ECU). Switching options include Pump, Stock, Race (for manual transmission vehicles only), and Valet programming. GIAC's version 5 Flashloader Handheld Switcher is ME 17 UDS compatible. Pump software delivers 22-34 HP and 34 - 48 Ft-lbs of TQ over stock. (Ranges reflect differences in intake and exhaust upgrades as well as varying levels of fuel.) One would not know it from the smooth, satisfying drive ability of this programming, but the road to release had a technically interesting curve.

We determined early on in our ME 17 development that modifying only the maps of the ECU was relatively simple. We knew that the hard part of developing a product line for the ME 17 family of ECUs was writing software that would protect our proprietary calibrations from competitive interests and would feature the multi-program switching options that enthusiasts have come to expect from GIAC. Only a couple of companies (including GIAC) have the ability to offer encryption or program switching for the older, more accessible MED9 TFSI computers. As a result of these more challenging objectives, a large part of the task, about 70% of the R&D time, was spent developing new tools and programs to completely disassemble the ME 17 controllers in the VAG 2.0TSI cars. This process started with the MK5 2.0TSI and carried over to the B8 platform, as both vehicles use ME 17 computers. Thanks to an impressive effort from GIAC's engineering team, GIAC is now the first company to offer full software switching and encryption in its software for all 2.0TSI applications.

Another road block in development for this product line was the UDS communication protocol used in the late model Audis. After the matters of file structure, encryption, and switching were sorted out, GIAC turned its focus to integrating the new product line into its distribution channel. GIAC supports over 200 distributors worldwide with proprietary flashing tools and software created and developed in-house by GIAC. Supporting such a complex distribution network requires that new products are released and integrated seamlessly. GIAC engineers worked to incorporate B8 ME17 flashing into the existing GIAC Serial Flash Programming Suite. Additionally, they worked to make our existing flashing tools compatible with the new UDS gateway used in the B8. Now with just an upgrade patch program, all GIAC distributors can flash 2008 and later 2.0TSI cars with their existing GIAC flash cables. This flashing suite flashes the complete ECU (not just maps) through the OBD port. Flash installation (no soldering) leaves the ECU 100% in tact physically and visually. GIAC installers and factory OEM dealerships can flash over GIAC code at any time.

While GIAC programmers set about developing software switching and encryption, the calibration team went to work on the performance tuning. The GIAC calibration team conducted numerous dynamometer tests using 91 octane fuel on GIAC's in-house 4WD Mustang dynamometer. Prototype programs based on in-house testing were road tested in selected Beta test vehicles. Beta-tested software was modified slightly based on driver feedback and final in-house dyno testing was completed. GIAC will testing will now move to the manual transmission B8 A4 to be released in February, 2009, as our initial beta test car was a tiptronic model. The current software release pertains to the tiptronic B8 A4. This thread will be updated as we complete testing for manual transmission vehicles. We will also continue testing as basic upgrades become more widely available to ensure that GIAC customers are able to personalize their A4 as they see fit, and retain the top notch power gains and smooth drive ability they expect from GIAC software.

Also, beginning 1/27/2009 and continuing up to 02/14/2009 (promotion ends at the end of the business day on 2/14/2009), for each new flash purchased for a B8 A4, GIAC customers will receive a free stock program and new Version 5 UDS compatible GIAC Handheld Flashloader. Please inquire with your nearest GIAC dealer to set an appointment: GIAC Dealer Map.

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