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GIAC introduces software flashing and switching for the drive-by-cable B5 A4


GIAC software for the drive-by-cable 1.8T and 30 valve 2.8L A4s is now OBD2 port flashable! In addition to convenient, fast and reliable flashing, GIAC is proud to announce full switching capabilities for the drive-by-cable 1.8T ECUs as well (2.8L will be available soon).

Our basic pump gas software will now have options that are switchable on the fly, including 100-octane performance, stock, valet and kill modes. GIAC's Windows-based software switcher can be downloaded from the GIAC website. This free downloadable software requires a computer and an OBD2 cable connection (USB Vag-Com or similar with K-Line functionality). Users also have the option of purchasing GIAC's Handheld Flashloader Switcher, offering full switching at the touch of a button without a laptop.

New customers can purchase software from any of GIAC's authorized dealers. Current customers who wish to upgrade their socketed GIAC product to the new flashed GIAC product may do so through GIAC ECU Service found here: GIAC ECU Service is for existing GIAC users only.

Software is offered for the following drive-by-cable platforms:

K03 and K04 (5 bar and PC16)

1.8T ECUs 1997- 1999.5 ECUs

30 VALVE 1998-1999.5 ECUs