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The GIAC/VF-Engineering RSR+ wins the front wheel drive street class at the Redline Time Attack Challenge...


Motor sports teams from all over the country competed in the 2007 Redline Time Attack Final at the Laguna Seca Raceway on November 9th, 10th and 11th. Driver Tony Gilham, and his Regal Autosport teammates, entered the GIAC/VF-Engineering 515 hp "RSR+" GTI in the FWD street class of the competition. Not only did the RSR+ win the FWD street class, it proved itself against the cars in the significantly less restricted classes with its full interior, two-way adjustable suspension, and DOT 140 street tires. With track support provided by Regal Autosport, GIAC, and VF-Engineering, driver Tony Gilham dominated the FWD street class with a first place time of 1:44.737. Tony's lap time was over six seconds faster than that of the winner of the FWD modified class, which allowed a three-way adjustable suspension, wide body kits, and D0T 50 tires as well as carpet, headliner, and passenger seat removal. Congratulations to Tony Gilham and the entire team on a great win.