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GIAC Stage 1 2.0T TFSI software catalogue for B8.5, C7 and Q5 models now covers more ECU part numbers!


The GIAC software upgrade offers an extra 43 HP and 41 ft lbs at wheels (6MT vehicle tested, tiptronic equipped vehicles will spike higher) and a reconfigured throttle response for a dramatic drive-by-cable feel. Despite these unparalleled performance gains, this software upgrade maintains the smooth drivability of the stock programming.
GIAC's Flashloader handheld switcher is available for this application, complete with the following switching options:

  • 100-octane performance (compatible with E85 on flex fuel vehicles)
  • "Stock" performance
  • Valet mode
  • Privacy Firewall
Dynamometer test results for an A4 B8 A4 2.0T TFSI measured at the wheels are included here. The initial run (red) denotes a stock baseline run with OEM software, intake, intercooler and exhaust. The second and third runs (blue and green) showcase performances runs with GIAC software only. The exhaust, intercooler and intake remained stock. All runs were performed on 91 octane fuel.

Here is a link to Auditude2.0T's 13.821 second and 97.45mph 1/4 mile run, with no other modifications on his car. Part Numbers Currently Available:
  • 2014 A4/A5/Allroad: 8K5907115C
  • 2014 A4/A5/Allroad: 8K5907115F
  • 2015 A4/A5/Allroad: 8K5907115J
  • 2014 A6 2.0T: 4G0907115H
  • 2013 Q5 2.0T: 8R1907115B
Newly available part numbers:
  • 2014 A4/A5/Allroad: 8K5907115K
  • 2015 A4/A5/Allroad: 8K5907115N
  • 2015 A4/A5/Allroad: 8K5907115M
  • 2014 A6 2.0T: 4G0907115J
  • 2014 A6 2.0T: 4G0907115K
  • 2015 A6 2.0T: 4G0907115N
  • 2015 A6 2.0T: 4G0907115P
  • 2013 Q5 2.0T: 8R1907115A
  • 2014 Q5 2.0T: 8R1907115F
  • 2015 Q5 2.0T: 8R1907115L
  • 2015 Q5 2.0T: 8R1907115R
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