GIAC first to release full switching performance files for the 2012 VW ® CC and GLI.


GIAC software for the MED 17.5.2 (new tricore 1767 chipset) engine controller found in the 2011 and 2012 Volkswagen ® CC 2.0 TSI, 2012 Jetta ® GLI, and 2012 VW Tiguan ®, is available at GIAC Dealers nationwide. GIAC software for these models contains the same market leading power gains, incredible smoothness, and drive-by-cable like throttle response as our software available for 2.0T TSI models with previous generation engine control units. GIAC stage 1+ software is available for enthusiasts who choose to retain factory hardware. For those who wish to go to the next level, Stage 2 is also available for vehicles with an upgraded exhaust system and intake.

Gains for stage 1+ 2012 CC DSG we tested measured at 27 horsepower and 41 ft. /lbs. of torque at the wheels. The Stage 1+ test vehicle was outfitted with an OEM exhaust and intake. Baseline testing was performed on a 100% factory stock vehicle. All runs were performed on 91 octane fuel.


  1. A more linear and responsive throttle (feels like drive-by-cable).
  2. Removed/remapped the stock low speed torque limiter.
  3. Smoother overboost control, offering more flexible programming when coupled with different aftermarket hardware.
  4. Speed limiter removed.

Until 10/31/2011, customers who purchase GIAC 2.0T software for the aforementioned models will have the option to combine our pump gas performance calibration with “stock,” race and valet modes in addition to a GIAC Handheld Flashloader Switcher for an MSRP of $600.00. GIAC is currently in the process of updating our dealers to flash the new ECUs in these models, so please inquire with your local GIAC dealer prior to going in for a flash.