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Latest news from GIAC

GIAC releases K04 programming for the B8 A4 2.0T 2010 - 2012!


A GIAC calibration is now available for the B8 A4 with K04 turbo, intercooler, and exhaust. Gains were measured at 100 wheel HP and 95 ft lbs of wheel torque over stock on pump gas. Peak engine hors .....

GIAC is proud to announce an update for the B8.5 A4/A5/Allroad 2.0T with superior drivability, greater power under the curve and more precise boost control across shifts for Tiptronic models!


Features for this new revision are: New version spreads power more evenly across throttle input allowing for absolute driver input Significant increases in power under the curve Improved driv .....

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