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- The leading manufacturer of after-market tuning calibrations for AUDI ®, BMW ®, Porsche ®, and VW ® cars -

Tuning is an art. To tune for optimal performance is to tune for a careful combination of speed, strength, and agility that varies as driver tastes vary. GIAC exists to tune cars for the way people like to drive.

GIAC is an engine and transmission controller calibration house, that tunes some of the fastest cars in the world.

GIAC is a computer engineering firm, with expertise in assembly code, high level programming and circuit design.

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More Knowledge

GIAC's understanding of vehicle controllers goes much deeper than simple table variable modification. While most "tuners" can only add and subtract from existing tables in the Engine Control Unit, GIAC has the ability to change the functionality of an ECU at the code level, allowing for more complete calibrations and even creation of new tables and functions.

More Experience

GIAC has calibrated European cars since 1996, with the philosophy of finding the optimum balance between power, drive-ability and component longevity. This two decade focus has lead to an unrivaled track record of excellence as well as a unique understanding of motor optimization and ECU modification.

More Options

In addition to a vast library of "off the shelf" and custom calibrations, GIAC offers a multi mode switching compatible bios in many of its programs. This allows the end user to load multiple tune profiles into the ECU at once. Calibrations can be switched "on the fly", giving customers the ability to change between 91 octane and 109 octane tunes in a few seconds with the engine running.

More Power

Every year, GIAC software proves to be a worldwide power leader in a broad range of makes, from Porsche ® to VW ®. GIAC performance tuning maximize power under the HP curve and boosts torque, but it also excels at providing competition software enhancements like launch control, race fuel maps, modified limiters and calibrations for popular racing hardware.

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The biggest names in the industry turn to GIAC for performance tuning.