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GIAC software is now available for S55 (turbocharged 3.0L inline-6 cylinder) engines found in BMW M3 and M4 models.


GIAC software is now available for S55 (turbocharged 3.0L inline-6 cylinder) engines found in BMW M3 and M4 models. This software calibration accommodates 91-93 octane fuel, as well as the factory exhaust and intake system. While retaining smooth drivability, the program offers dramatic and consistent power improvements throughout the entire power band over the OEM software. On 91 octane fuel, gains reach 66 wheel HP and 81 ft. / lbs. wheel torque in some areas of the power band. Peak gains are 34 HP and 67 ft. /lbs. of torque at two wheels over stock, on 91 octane fuel.

Notable features include the following:

  • properly recalibrated air/fuel ratios
  • specialized boost control strategies unique to GIAC software calibrations
  • increased turbocharger response, spool characteristics
  • improved throttle response for a drive-by-cable system feel
  • optimized torque control for smoother, faster shifting on DCT models
  • smoothed power curve for greater linear acceleration
  • improved part throttle drivability
The new high security DME Bosch MEVD17.2.X of the F-series BMW turbo-equipped models prompted GIAC’s development of an entirely new proprietary flashing protocol for this product line, requiring ECUs to be bench flashed at an authorized GIAC software installer. MSRP for the software is $1000.00 USD (excluding taxes and/or installation fees). Contact your local GIAC dealer for additional information and final pricing.

Dynamometer test results from an MD-500 Mustang dyno are included here. The graph plots power tests (wheel HP and TQ) for a 2015 F82 BMW M4 DCT. The red line denotes a completely stock M4 DCT with OEM software, exhaust, intake and charge air cooler, on 91 octane. The blue and green lines denote two different runs for the same M4 DCT with GIAC 91 octane Stage 1 software, OEM exhaust, OEM intake and OEM charge air cooler, also on 91 octane.

Engine platforms to be supported:
  • S55B30 (stock: 425 hp, 406 ft. /lbs.) [U.S. & international models, available now]