GMG's GIAC Tuned R8 Trio

Check out GMG's GIAC Tuned R8 Race Cars

GIAC B8.5 S4

2000+ mile journey. 70+ Horsepower. Tunes for the new B8.5 S4s are available!

Double Trouble

Two B8 S4s getting the GIAC treatment.

GIAC A7 3.0T

Unleash your A7 with a GIAC tune.


Check out GIAC's new TT-RS Software!

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 4th! We're back at the Big SoCal Euro 2016 for an even bigger and better show. See you guys there!

GIAC's new user-adjustable launch control for the manual transmission 2.0 TSI.

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